Welcome to Skyfall.

This is an immense city of hundreds of thousands, all hanging from the ceiling of a massive cavern. Gigantic storms, much larger and more powerful, and far deadlier than hurricanes in our world, crash into the land at regular intervals destroying all but the most permanent signs of civilization, topside of Skyfall is only kept intact by the massive and formidable storm wall. On the plateau lush jungles crawl up the base of a mountain range so large its peaks are lost in the clouds. Giant bugs and crustacean-like behemoths, anywhere from the size of a tractor trailer to the size of a stadium walk the landscape heedless of men.

The Besieged Cliffs rise three hundred feet out of violent seas, and set into them is a cavern over a league wide at its mouth and nearly half as deep, reaching deep below the water and towering two hundred feet above it. The buildings of Skyfall crawl up the walls and out over the roof of the cavern hanging a hundred feet or more over the ships that sail into its port, Most residents go years at a time without setting foot on solid land.  Hundreds of feet below the rope bridges of Skyfall is the Abyss, black ocean waters with constantly crashing thirty to forty foot violent seas that nobody has seen the true depths of. 

Magic and Machine From airships to salver golems, you live in the unique and sometimes unwise blend of old magic and new power hidden away in the bustling cavern that houses Skyfall. This is the story that will take you from the dregs of society to its highest reaches, through levels 1 to 20. Fight your way through the Lightless Depths, across the City of Skyfall, to the Throne of Creation in the Godspeak Mountains, and back again. Expect some twists and turns in mechanics that will enhance what you already love about Dungeons and Dragons. Create your legacy through skill of arms, arcane might, or sheer bloody-handed ruthlessness, the choice is yours…

Legacy's Wake: Skyfall

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